Introducing Year 6’s Summer Blog!

Introducing Year 6’s Summer Blog!

Hi, we are Kareena and Taiba from Year 6 at Beckfield and we would like to introduce our new blog!

We decided that we wanted to improve our IT skills and learn about blogging at the same time as letting the world know just how amazing life is at Beckfield! We are going to keep a blog to tell you all about the different parts of our ‘Thunderous Theme Parks’ Topic this summer, We can’t wait to hear what you think.

Our task was to persuade Mr. Ireland to let us go to Light Water Valley. We believed that we deserved it as a reward for finishing our SATs (We hardly remember what it was like before we were working for SATs). We definitely needed a break and a treat for all that hard work. Mr. Phillips said if we wanted to go we had to write a formal letter of persuasion to pull on Mr. Ireland’s heartstrings and convince him that the trip was a good idea.

It wasn’t looking good as Mr. Ireland wasn’t sure to begin with because it was so expensive. We needed to include, emotive language, facts and opinions and statistics to back up our arguments. Luckily, we must have been articulate as Mr. Ireland agreed that we could go! We are incredibly excited to have a day out of school and enjoy the rides (Even if Miss. Rasool is coming along too – We think we should make her sit for a SATs paper before she’s allowed! Anyway – Check out some extracts from our letters below.


Filbert’s vocabulary filled effort
Amy’s  used emotion excellently



Kareena’s was fantastically formal





Kareena and Taiba OUT!