Headteacher's Welcome

Headteacher’s Welcome

I am writing to you at the start of an exciting new chapter for Co-op Academy Beckfield. 

I am extremely proud to be taking on the role of Head of Academy and to warmly welcome Mr Sowter, our new Executive Headteacher, who will be working with me and my colleagues to drive Beckfield forward to a promising future.

It is my strong belief that every child at Beckfield deserves the chance to grow, learn and thrive, each in their own unique way, and that it is our responsibility to work together to ensure that they are given the best opportunities to do this. I welcome your support in achieving this. 

I am very much looking forward to collaborating with all of our children, staff, parents, carers, Governors, trust colleagues and members of the community to achieve great things in the coming months and years. 

Our efforts and focus will be around improving standards in attendance, behaviour, and curriculum delivery. These will be the key pillars that will support our children to get the best outcomes.

As you know, I have been at Beckfield since September 2019 and have been committed to the school and what it stands for throughout the challenges the past couple of years have brought. The school has captured my heart and this lies at the centre of everything I do. I hope that you continue to have faith in that and I thank you for all your support so far.

I want to create as many opportunities, now that we can, to invite parents into school, to see and watch the wonderful learning that is going on, but to also get involved in school life in any way possible. Our school is a place that is built on community and I am committed to bringing this back to its best. I look forward to working with you all and welcome your queries and suggestions as valued members of our community.

As a staff, we continue to be committed to promoting and living by our Co-op Values, and to working cooperatively to provide the best possible education for all. 

With very best wishes for a bright future,

Mrs C Watkiss