Early Years Foundation Stage

The Provision

Our Foundation Stage teaching is child-centred. Children are most engaged when their activities are child-initiated and based on current interests. When children show high levels of involvement, that is when progress and development are made – when the brain is most active!

Our fabulous indoor and outdoor provision gives them the chance to gain all the building blocks needed for starting their school journeys.

The children are given so many opportunities to be creative, imaginative and independent learners. We work hard to create a calm, nurturing and engaging atmosphere where the children feel safe and at home. We give them all they need to flourish as individuals- Mrs Birkbeck, Nursery Teacher

Information is shared with parents in lots of different ways. We use the secure sharing app Tapestry, an online journal where parents can keep up to date with what their children have been doing. We send out termly newsletters that let you know what’s going on in Nursery and the rest of the school. Parents and carers are also invited in for a stay and play once a term.